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Digital Smart Classrooms

Equipped with latest digital technology we bring in more life and reality into everyday lessons. Digital classrooms caters to different learning styles with students demonstrating increased motivation leading to increased participation in class.

Composite Lab

The school has well equipped Composite Science Laboratory that caters to the needs of students upto SSC.. It helps them to build a scientific frame of mind and provides individual hands on experience for the young scientists.

Physics Lab

The school has a spacious well illuminated physics lab with especially large models in size so as to provide the children clarity of concepts.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab provides a broad foundation which stresses on Scientific Reasoning, with a molecular perspective. The well equipped lab for the young learners go beyond the prescribed text and gain clarity for various theories and concepts.

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab helps the students to gain practical knowledge through various activities. The lab is well equipped with latest instruments, charts, models etc. Hands on engagement with the subject material helps the students remember concepts thoroughly.

Computer Labs

The school’s computer and communication network provides state-of the art computing facilities.  The facilities in the computer lab assist the students in projects and research assignments. We have separate Junior and Senior Computer Labs.

Robotics lab

Robotics deals with the study and application of robot technology. Our robotics lab enables the students to expand their knowledge in robotics.

Montessori Lab

The Montessori lab is equipped with various materials like practical life exercises, sensational math’s and language culture to develop independence and hands-on learning. It nurtures and cultivates the unique qualities each child possesses and imbibes concentration, co-ordination, self-discipline and good working habits.


Our Library is equipped with more than 5000 books from different publishers and offers a unique reading space. The rich collection of books, access to periodicals and audio-visual resources, acts as a treasure house for reading. Reference and research projects can also be undertaken.

Indoor and Open Auditorium

We have separate indoor auditorium and open Auditorium for organizing formal assembly, lectures, training, theatre show, presentation, cultural activities and competitions throughout the year.

Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose hall caters several Extra Curricular Activities. Dance, Music, Art and Craft present opportunities for developing variety of artistic interests.


The school has an infirmary/sick room with a bed for medical emergency of students. A well stocked first aid box is available for immediate treatment. The well being of students is always the priority in our school.

Herbal Garden

The students are encouraged to be socially responsible for which students are motivated to contribute actively towards the building and maintenance of an on-campus organic garden. Children participate in plantation drives, while they take up the responsibility to mold their planted saplings to survive and grow healthy.

Music and Dance Room

The music and dance room facilitates learning space to learn different types of instruments and different dance forms. We offer an exquisite training to provide students with the right ambience to learn, discover and build their talent.